Skinny Expresso Products The ultimate product feed for Facebook - part of the Pixel Perfect app by wyred-up 1618790383686Intensive 7 Day Program DescriptionOur Expresso has been designed to give you visible results in just 7 days either on the go or in the comfort of your own home. The Expresso program is a simple and long-lasting program, which has been formulated to deliver maximum results in just 3 delicious cups of coffee per day, added to your normal diet. Our products are all laxative free and our key ingredients ensure that you feel the difference with each mug and are clinically proven to help you get results fast and keep it off, as well as increasing energy, improve skin and reducing tiredness. Overall the Expresso is the ultimate 7-day solution. new 1618790383686in stockCustom Label 0 is emptyCustom Label 1 is emptyCustom Label 2 is emptyCustom Label 3 is empty 24.95GBP